The construction of the new laundry and kitchen have been completed.

MAY - 2020 - The work was supervised by Kwizera Fabrice with the help of Jean Paul Nsengiyumva and Valery Mugabonake.

The new building looks great and a big improvement on the existing building. The next stage in the work will be to have the solar water heaters transferred from the old to the new building. To ensure this is done without damage a team from Kampala in Uganda, who did the original installation, will come to Kibogora to do the job and to service the units before reinstalling. This should improve the efficiency of the heaters. Un fortunately this can only be done when the travel restrictions have been eased to allow them into Rwanda.

The following stage will include the installation of the new washing machines. Again, due to travel restrictions this is likely to have to be done by the hospital maintenance engineers rather than have someone come out from UK. Fortunately, with access to the high-speed internet at Kibogora on the spot advice and assistance will be available which hopefully will get the job done successfully.