13TH MAY 2019

Kibogora Hospital has been accredited by the College of Surgeons, East, Central, and Southern Africa. This authorises the hospital to accept residents and fellows in their 1st to 3rd years of their residency programs and to train them during their clinical rotations at Kibogora.

This is an acknowledgement from the Rwandan government, Rwandan Universities, and the College of Surgeons that Kibogora Hospital provides surgical services of such a quality that doctors can be trained in surgery at Kibogora. This will be of considerable benefit to patients at the hospital as it will provide a greater number of surgeons to help with the workload.

There have been times when there have been no expatriate surgeons at the hospital leaving Dr Ronald as the only surgeon available. Now with the help of the 3rd year residents who, with supervision, can work independently, the level of patient care will be enhanced.

Currently the shortage of approved places for surgical training within Rwanda is limited, resulting in some students having to go to neighboring countries for training. With the approval of Kibogora Hospital as a center for surgical training the need to go outside of Rwanda will be reduced. This will lower the cost for the students and because Kibogora Hospital undertakes such a high number of surgeries it offers the students a more diverse and intensive training.

When the students have completed their residencies, it is hoped that some of the newly graduated surgeons will return to Kibogora to work as part their contract with the government.