July 2022

We are now in the final phase of the maternity ward construction. The contractor has assured me that the building will be completed and have an occupational certificate by the end of October. This will enable the official opening to take place in November.

The Kibogora District authorities have agreed to meet the cost of installing the oxygen system for the ward which will be a considerable saving. Unfortunately, this saving is partially off set by the increased costs of the epoxy floor and other materials. Given the current global cost increases this is hardly surprising but nevertheless disappointing.

Another piece of good news is that the road leading to the hospital has been surfaced which will be a major improvement to both the hospital and the greater Kibogora area.

Work of the external building is almost complete. The only external building works to be finished are the ramps and stairs.

Work is starting on fitting glass to all the windows and doors.

The plumbing and electrical services are in the final stages of completion and a first primer coat of paint is being applied to the walls.