Action Kibogora was formed to support the redevelopment of the Maternity and Neonatology wards at Kibogora Hospital. All funds donated to Action Kibogora go towards this project with no deductions for administration or management. The charity is run by volunteers who have a passion to see an unacceptable situation at Kibogora rectified.


The average bed occupancy in the maternity ward was 158% during 2017/18 and this has increased to 162% in 2018/19, meaning that it was necessary that even more women had to share a single bed before and after the delivery of their child. The existing wards were built in the 1970’s and were designed to have 25 maternity beds but now the ward has 37. This results in the beds being less than 30cm (12”) apart. The situation in the neonatology ward is similar with an occupancy rate of 110% for the year 2018/19, meaning two sick infants having to share an incubator. This is far from ideal but there are no other options until we can build the new ward.

Action Kibogora 2020 update.


The new maternity and neonatology ward is now operational!

The building was completed towards then end of 2022. The beds and other equipment   arrived in week commencing the 9th January and on the 20th January, the first baby, a girl, was born at 7.08am, weighing in at 2.8Kg (6lbs 3oz). The mother’s name is Niyingenera Clarisse and the father Urayeneza Theoneste. The baby has been given the name Ashimwe Igeneneza, which translates as Beauty Praise. I don’t think we could have asked for a more appropriate name for the first child to be born in the new unit.

With the new maternity unit now operational and the first baby born I believe the work that Action Kibogora was set up to do is complete.

We will continue to support the hospital in whichever way is required and news of what is happening will continue to be posted on this website
Below is a selection of photos – one showing Clarisse and her daughter Beauty Praise!

A massive Thank You to all our donors – we could not have done this without you!  You have made a tremendous difference to the lives of mothers and babies in Kibogora – and one that will last for many years to come.

Action Kibogora has had designs prepared for a new Maternity ward and neonatology unit which will increase the number of maternity beds for 37 to 90 and provide 39 neonatology beds plus an additional operating theatre.

The new facilities will include inside flush toilets and showers with multiple hand washing points throughout the wards.

These new wards will greatly improve the quality of care for both mothers and babies and will provide an environment in which trainee midwifes can be mentored.

The cost of providing these new wards is estimated at £1.3million (US$1.7million) the construction will be done in two phases.

1. Site/ground preparation and retaining walls £514,000 (US$687,000)
2. Building Construction £787,000 (US$1,050,000)

We are urgently seeking donations for this work therefore if you would care to donate please go to the “Donate” page, we welcome all donations large or small.

Kibogora Hospital is a rural hospital of 274 beds located in Southwest Rwanda on the shores of Lake Kivu. It serves a population of approximately 250,000. Kibogora is also a referral centre with a team who are responsible to train, monitor and evaluate 13 outlying health centres and health posts.

The hospital provides surgical, general medical, paediatric, maternity and neonatal services with an extremely busy outpatient department. The support facilities include X-ray, laboratory, HIV/Aids testing and treatment, dentistry, ophthalmology, physiotherapy and family planning clinics.

An important part of life at Kibogora hospital is provided by the Social Affairs department and the Chaplaincy. These departments provide palliative care and the basic social and spiritual needs of both patients and staff.

Rwanda is one of the world’s poorest countries and has great health care needs. According to Rwanda’s Ministry of Health there is only one doctor for every 20,000 people and 50 children per 1000 live births die before the age of five.


Kibogora Hospital has a rich history spanning over half a century, watch our short video below to find out more.

In 1942 Mr. Haley succeeded in obtaining a site from the government near the southern tip of Lake Kivu to establish the first Free Methodist mission station in what would become Rwanda. The site was known as Kibogora. By 1945, an orphanage, school and dispensary had been established. Two qualified nurses were working in the mission dispensary treating more than 200 patients per day, 95 students were in the school, and 27 school chapels had been opened in outlying areas.

There is no longer a large expatriate staff at the hospital, the management now being in the hands of Rwandan doctors. Medical assistance is provided by visiting specialists from overseas. Their stay may be for a month or a year, depending on the need and availability of the specialists. Julie Yerger is now the only  medical missionary living permanently at Kibogora.

In the 70 or so years the mission has been at Kibogora, the needs of the population have changed but not decreased. Poverty, malaria, AIDS and other debilitating diseases have a devastating effect on many lives. The need for additional funds to treat patients is never ending; the limited medical resources mean that many die who could be cured. The work started in 1942 goes on.

kibogora hospital and maternity ward

The average bed occupancy was 162% during 2018/19. Two women forced to share a single bed before and after the delivery of their child. Neonatology occupancy 110% in 2018/19, resulting in two sick infants having to share an incubator.

The current maternity ward has 50% more beds than the ward was originally designed for resulting in serious overcrowding.

Work has begun in preparing the site for the construction. Your financial support is urgently needed to enable this project to be completed.



We are extremely grateful for all donations made to support the work at Kibogora. Whilst the building is completed there will be a need for additional funds as the staff get used to their new surroundings and new equipment is needed to make things work well. We are happy to receive donations to continue to support the work, by cheque in any currency or by credit or debit cards made securely in Pound Sterling, US Dollars or Euros.


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We guarantee that 100% of all money received by the Kibogora Initiative is used at Kibogora in Rwanda. There are no deductions made for administration etc because the charity is run by supporters who give their time free of cost.


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